Transforming Youth from Crisis into Overcomers


The trauma kids are facing

9,120 Children in Arkansas were found to be victims of ABuse or neglect in 2018.

Childhood abuse and neglect has long-term consequences for youth from crisis. The more trauma a child has experienced, the higher the likelihood for mental, emotional, and physical manifestations of the trauma as the child grows into adulthood. 

High levels of childhood trauma can lead to risky and self-harming behavior as a way to cope. This turns into real challenges like substance abuse, unwanted pregnancy, incarceration, violence, and feeling unwanted and alone.


Here’s How We Help

At Immerse, we believe unconditional, supportive, and nurturing relationships that are coupled with high expectations create a path for healing and growth. This belief shapes our model, which we’ve found leads to overcoming.

At Immerse I found a support system, and for once I felt free of judgement, free to be the person that I longed to be. And most of all I found love.
— Mic